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From inacurate mailing addresses to haphazard inquires, we cover everything from trade lines to technicalities.

Credit Reporting Tools & Education

Learn more about what impacts your scores the most, and what things to watch out for when shooting for the best score possible.

Monitoring Your Credit Reports

Know what's happening with your credit and when. Prevent a negative impact on your report before it's too late.

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With a decade of experience and a keen eye on the industry, our team or professionals can steer your credit from "ok" to "great".

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How does your credit pan out? Schedule a free consultation with us to learn more about how your score can impact what you qualify for and how much your payments would be.


Highest Probability of Denials
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High Probability of Denials
High-Interest Rates


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High Probability of Approvals
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Highest Probability of Approvals
Best Interest Rates

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Customers: At 1st Approved Financial our client is our number one priority. Our Credit Advisors like to make sure that our clients knows that there future is important to us and are glad to help them along the way.

With an easy-to-understand process, keeping our clients up to speed with the credit process helps gives our clients transparency in our process so they are not left in the dark through our customer login portal, or a credit advisor is a phone call away! Our clients are more than clients, but family.

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Our specialized credit repair and restoration process makes us the perfect choice to get you going in the right direction with your credit score fast.

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“Working with 1st Approved has truly been a blessing. When you see my life getting better, just know that 1st Approved had a hand in it.”

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“1st Approved financial is amazing. They have raised my credit score dramatically and did everything they said! Their friendly customer service is amazing and the results that I have seen are amazing.”

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